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Clean & Safe -in accordance with the COVID-19 prevention guidelines


Safety procedures and care for the safety of our guests


All our employees perform a self-assessment of health before appearing at work in accordance with

All employees perform their duties in accordance with the principles of hygiene and COVID-19 prevention (mask and disposable gloves)

Contact with customer service is limited to the absolute minimum

We systematically check the quality of work performed in the field of disinfection of apartments, by performing regular quality checks of the cleaning services.


The apartments are prepared for guests with special disinfectants to ensure that the apartments are clean & safe for the arrival of new guests.

We offer self check in (some apartments - 100% prepayment)

Each time we disinfect keys, access cards, key depositors and encourage cashless payments.

Each apartment is ventilated each time during cleaning and before the arrival of subsequent visitors

We work with a certified Laundry, whose process of washing towels and bed linen is carried out entirely at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and the bedding is fully ironed.

Regular disinfection of places particularly exposed to touch is carried out, such as: door handles, remote controls, countertops, handles, tables, handrails;


The common areas of each of our facilities constitute a publicly accessible public space, in which an absolute mandate to use masks by both employees and guests (in accordance with GIS guidelines) );
until further notice

Disinfection of halls and corridors is carried out using certified means and tools and is carried out by a company responsible for maintaining cleanliness in buildings

Regular disinfection of the elevators of the common areas is carried out in accordance with the guidelines.

Regular disinfection of places particularly exposed to touch, such as door handles, countertops, handrails, buttons in elevators and intercoms is carried out.

Common areas are ventilated regularly to ensure an even better circulation of fresh air


Pursuant to the regulation indicated at recreation zones such as fitness club and swimming pools are not available.

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