Gdańsk is Poland's  most beautiful  seaside city. Rich heritage,  history , beautiful beaches, cultural and social life make this city the ideal place to visit for any occasion.

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Amber Sky Ferris Wheel
Have a look on Gdańsk from new perspective!
Take a ride on Amber Sky,
one of the biggest attractions!
Wonderful impressions with thrills!
spectacular views!

Wyspa Spichrzów
80-750 Gdańsk

+48 666 378 980
Old Town
Old Town is a great area for nice walk among cultural and historical monuments. Walking down the streets you will many attractions of the city, coffee shops, restaurants,pubs, clubs, etc.
Second World War Museum
The heart of the Museum is the permanent exhibition of 5,000 m2, which makes it one of the largest historical museum exhibitions on the world. Located 14 meters under the ground, it is a story of the tragic experience of the Second World War, its roots and consequences, on perpetrators and victims, on heroes and ordinary people. It is meant to look like a lesson in history, which we should never forget.

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Relax on the beach
If you would like to relax on the beach, read a good book while listening to the sound of the sea, or sipping great drinks you need to visit one of the amazing beaches that Tricity has to offer.
"The Battle of Westerplatte was the first battle in the Invasion of Poland also known as the September Campaign that marked the beginning of World War II. In this place words calling for renunciation of war and peaceful coexistence of nations take a special meaning."
St. Mary's Basilica
Concatedral St. Mary’s often called the “crown of Gdansk” is Europe’s largest temple built of brick. Powerful its walls and towers rise high above the city skyline and the vast surroundings.

St. Mary's Basilica is open for Visitors. Go to link to find out more
Sunrise or Sunset on the pier
Colorful sky illuminated by flames of sunrise or sunset. Cup of coffee or bottle of good wine with good company - unforgettable moments.
Open'er Festival
The Open'er Festival is a recognizable throughout Europe music festival which takes place on the North coast of Poland, in Gdynia.
European Solidarity Centre
"This is a living monument—a symbol of the victory of the Solidarity movement’s peaceful revolution—becomes the world’s centre for the ideas of freedom, democracy and solidarity to be fostered.”

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